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The word Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese word for universal life force energy. Reiki is a system of natural healing involving the laying on of hands either directly on or just above the body. This healing practice supports and strengthens the energy field to allow for healing to occur at all levels.  Reiki  uses the body's chakra system, the meridians and the auric field to balance the body, mind and spirit. Working as a support mechanism to the body, Reiki re-establishes the normal energy flow which can enhance and accelerate the body's healing ability. Reiki therapy reduces stress and promotes relaxation.

Sessions are available by appointment only and are approximately one hour.  Cost is $80  plus HST per session.

Intuitive Healing

The Intuitive Healer allows themselves to listen to the messages and guidance of Spirit to tune into what the body needs to begin the healing process. By paying attention to the body's messages the healer will access the root cause and best course of action to help activate the healing process.  Using sound and colour therapies we assist the client to balance their energy fields.

Sessions are available by appointment only and are approxiamtely one hour.  Cost is $80 plus HST per session.

Axiatonal Alignment

Axiatonal Alignment opens blocked meridians to allow the flow of energies that have been trapped in our beings which could restrict our movement forward.  As these energies are allowed to flow we release all cellular memories and allow healing to occur. Based on acupuncture and sacred geometry, this powerful treatment involves a simple process of tapping specific body points which releases old energy and balances the body, mind and spirit.

Sessions are available by appointment only and are approximately 20 minutes.  Cost is $35.00 plus HST

Crystal Healing

Crystals are a tool for natural healing which can be used to to accelerate healing and balance the body's energy systems.  Crystals function as amplifiers that balance and re-energiezes our system on the cellular level as well as on our emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Sessions by appointment only and are approximately one hour.  Cost is $80.00 plus HST

Chakra Balancing

Using various healing methods, the practitioner will balance the clients major chakras to allow the even flow of energy.  This helps to put the clients energy system back in line and will release any negative patterns.

Sessions by appointment only and are 30 minutes.  Cost is $45.00 plus HST

Animal Energy Therapy

Working with the animals energy, the practioner helps to release blockages in the flow of their energy. This helps to allow them to heal quicker, improve their movement and give them a feeling of overall well-being. This therapy is not just for animals who are unwell, but also benefits those that are in good health. The practitioner uses a combination of Reiki, massage and intuitive healing to clear and realign the energy centres.

Sessions by appointment only and length of session will depend on the size and health of the individual animal.  Cost varies depending on the animal.

Equine Sports Massage Therapy

Equine massage is the application of hands on deep tissue techniques to the muscles to aid in increasing circulation, relieving tension and increasing the range of motion in horses. The benefits of massage therapy is to maintain healthy muscle function by treating the causes of muscle-related problems before they result in injury.

Sessions by appointment only.  Initial consultation and session is $95 plus HST and last approximately 1 1/2 hours; follow up sessions are one hour and cost is $80 plus HST per session.


Our qualified readers offer a variety of services including channeling, Akashic Record Reading, Animal Communication, Tarot Cards, Angel Cards and Past Life Regression. Call or e-mail us to receive more information on what type of service will suit your needs. Session cost varies depending on service.

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